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Ajinomoto (Horeka)

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A flavor enhancer made by a fermentation process. The main raw material used is Sugarcane Drops with the main content of glutamic acid which is able to produce UMAMI or savory flavors. This flavoring has a crystal-like texture, is colorless and odorless. Superiority : Trusted to flavor every dish in more than 100 countries It is suitable for all dishes, whether it is gravy, fried, or stir-fried.

Available in:

500G : 24pack x 500 gr

KGLC : 12pack x 1 kg

KGRC : 20pack x 1 kg



AJI-NO-MOTO PLUS flavor enhancer comes from a combination of three types of UMAMI ingredients. The UMAMI flavors come from tomatoes, ten fish and mushrooms. OIeh because it can give a stronger and richer taste of UMAMI. Superiority : Longer lasting UMAMI taste 4x more savory than regular MSG Use more sparingly.

Available in:

AJP200 : 30pack x 200 gr

AJPKG : 20pack x 1 kg


Ajinomoto Chicken Extract Powder Seasoning seasoning with the basic ingredients of broth is made with quality chicken meat extract (12%) and selected spices. Gives a natural chicken taste and aroma. Superiority : Chicken meat extract 12%. The aroma and taste of chicken is stronger.

Available in:

CPKG : 12pack x 1 kg



Masako Chicken Flavor is a seasoning broth with the basic ingredients of selected chicken broth extract. Made with the right blend of ingredients between fresh chicken meat, selected herbs and spices. This chicken broth can give a delicious aroma and a strong broth taste to dishes. It can be used for all kinds of cooking, from light to heavy food. Superiority : Chicken meat extract 1.03% Suitable for all kinds of home cooking or food vendors.

Available in:

250MA : 48pack x 250 gr

500MA : 24pack x 500 gr

GKGMA : 12pack x 1 kg


Masako Beef Flavor is a beef extract seasoning made with the right blend of quality fresh meat, selected herbs and spices. Can give the taste and aroma of real meat dishes the same as homemade broth. It can be used for all kinds of cooking, from light to heavy food. Superiority : Beef Extract 1.34% Suitable for all kinds of home cooking or food vendors.

Available in:

250MS : 48pack x 250 gr

500MS : 24pack x 500 gr

GKGMS : 12pack x 1 kg



Mayumi is a product from Ajinomoto which is suitable for various foods. Starting from salad dressings, fried dips, bread mayonnaise, fillings, food dish toppings and more. Superiority : Creamy texture Can be combined with other sauces High temperature resistance (200°C).

Available in:

MYP1KG : 10pack x 1 kg


SAJIKU Bumbu Flour is a versatile seasoning flour made from high-quality ingredients, so it is safe for consumption. SAJIKU has a savory, delicious, and delicious taste. Processed from the best concoction of spices mixed with selected spices, so that it is more absorbent, more flavorful. Superiority : Make fried foods more crispy and durable Seasoning is more absorbent and more pronounced.

Available in:

STB220 : 40pack x 220 gr

STB900G : 16pack x 900 gr



SAORI Oyster Sauce, apart from having a salty and savory aroma, also contains calories that are beneficial for our body's needs, this is because the Oyster Sauce Sauce contains animal ingredients, namely real oyster extract (oyster). Superiority : Suitable for cooking stir-fried vegetables, marinated processed meat and fried rice.

Available in:

TIB275 : 12pack x 275 ml

TIB1LT : 6pack x 1 lt


Saori Teriyaki Sauce is an oriental sauce made with Japanese-style soy sauce whose function is to make teriyaki dishes. Superiority : The dominant taste is savory and sweet Suitable for stir-fried meat dishes, spread on grilled menus and processed meat marinades.

Available in:

TEB270 : 12pack x 270 ml

TEB1LT : 6pack x 1 lt



SAORI Black Pepper Sauce is an oriental sauce made with selected black pepper (complete with real black peppercorns). Make everyday cooking at home more special with a distinctive oriental black pepper flavor, classy as a restaurant dish. Dominant taste: spicy black pepper, salty and savory.

Available in packs:

TAB1LT : 6pack x 1 lt


NIKUPLUS is a food additive mixed with meat stabilizers used to stabilize meat. NIKUPLUS can also be combined with other seasonings without changing the taste and can be applied easily in marination or ungkep processes. Superiority : The meat is more juiciness and tender after cooking (stable up to 4 hours of storage) Can be combined with other spices without changing the taste Can be applied to various types of meat (Chicken, Duck, Beef and Goat).

Available in:

NK200 : 16pack x 200 gr

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